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Kuhse: Horses & Bats

By October 10, 2016November 6th, 2018No Comments

We started the day by visiting Barn 13 for an amazing equestrian experience. ¬†Then we drove into Austin to visit the world’s largest urban bat colony. ¬†Along the way, we treated our special guests to some authentic Texican food!

Eliana is ready to saddle up!

A beautiful American Paint Horse

Our hat is too small!

A retired Thoroughbred

We're calling the horses over

The Palomino came over right away

Safety first!

Caleb must have done this before!

Tristan, watch out for the dogs!

Tom was grinning the whole time

Madeline loved it!

Eliana is a pro!

Torri's smile is priceless!

Fresh pomegranates!

It doesn't get any fresher than this!

Time for some off-roading!

Amazing Mexican at Chuy's

All aboard!

The Zilker Zephyr

Walking on the tracks

Ladybird Lake

The bat cruise!

Crowd waiting to see the bats

Bats taking off to feed

Duck, bat guano!

Dinner at Kirby Lane

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