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Kuhse: Wilderness Fun

By October 9, 2016November 6th, 2018No Comments

We spent the entire day exploring the beautiful Texas Hill Country and learning about the natural environment and its abundance of plants and wildlife. We were lucky to have Mike DiMauro, of the Earth Native Wilderness School, as our expert guide. We learned so much and really came together as a group. It is amazing how much connecting with nature can heal the soul and increase confidence.  Check out our photos below!

Everyone loved the Nature Museum

Lots of cool items to investigate

Primitive spear throwing

Tristan is up 1st

Now it is Egor's turn

Eliana had an amazing throw!

Torri was a natural

Great form Madeline!

Even Svetlana got in on the action!

Caleb has the "Eye of the Tiger"

Time for some Freeze Tag

Caleb is faster than a Road Runner!

Catch me if you can!

A huge colony of Fire Ants

Don't get bit by these guys!

Let's build a fire!

The kids are very interested!

Collecting fuel to make fire

Eliana found some dry leaves

Mike is distributing matches

More oxygen!


Tristan & Egor lit their dry grass

The girls have teamed up!

A little help from mom

Where there's smoke, there's fire

Roasting hotdogs!

William is manning the barbecue

Look at those delicious ribs!

Challenge accepted!

It's not as easy as they thought!

Time to call in Mom for help

Mike can do it WITHOUT matches!

Practice makes perfect

Prepping the fire for dessert!

Prepping the Banana Boats

Wrapping them in foil

Cooking them next to the fire

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