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1st Adirondack Camp!

By August 8, 2015November 6th, 2018No Comments

Camp Eyas hosted its first camp in the Adirondacks and it was a blast! We learned about camping, forestry, wildlife, and community. There were plenty of activities for everyone. Some people enjoyed hiking on Camp Eyas’ extensive trail system, while others enjoyed water activities at Diamond Pond. We beat the heat by swimming, fishing, and boating in Diamond Pond. While the teens were jumping off of the floating dock, the younger kids enjoyed chasing minnows and frogs on the sandy beach. We also went on several nature hikes, where we saw baby deer, lots of birds, and even discovered a huge beaver den! We also found lots of wild raspberries and blueberries, which we collected and ate at mealtime. It was so fun to preparing and eating meals together: bbq, hot dogs, freshly caught bass, grilled corn, salad, and s’mores to name a few!

We spent nearly all of our time outside, in nature. We were communicating with each other, not with our electronic devices. We talked about anything and everything, shared our stories, our experiences, our worries, and our interests. Pilot John was a big hit among the younger campers who wanted to hear about flying from a real, active duty pilot. We became one big family. The Camp Eyas Family. It was magical! We are looking forward to future camps and to helping many more military families!

Fishing from the floating dock

A sandy beach for the little ones

Water lilies are about to bloom

Manpowered boating!

A small bass is about to be released

Early morning fishing

Beaver den near the small pond

Free human rides!

Wild raspberries!

Time for dinner!

Dennis is grilling hotdogs

Tents are up!

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